Getting Started

The advice below will assist you in navigating your way through the unit in which you have enrolled. Working through the course/unit in which you are enrolled

  • In the upper right hand corner of the ‘E’ Experience home page please enter your log in details and password. These will have been supplied to you on your enrolment notification by our training manager.
  • Click on the course/unit in which you have enrolled.
  • You will arrive at your course/unit which you will see in the central blocks
  • Click on the name of the unit and this will take you into your 'E' learning experience
  • There will be a drop menu of topics to cover inside your unit. You will need to work through these.
  • Your assessment requirements will be found at the end of the unit.
  • Complete this assessment and to submit it, follow the steps below. Assessment Guidelines
  • We suggest you create a folder on your desktop titled ‘Assessments’. This can be where you store all your future assessments.
  • In your folder titled “Assessments” save your assessment work with your name and the unit number e.g. John Smith4003.doc in the title. • You will find the unit number at the beginning of the unit name e.g. for Appraise Property it is CPPDSM4003A. So simply use the 4003 in your document title.
  • There may be some units which require quite specific assessment submission procedures e.g. Appraise Property. This specific procedure will be included at the end of the unit where the assessment itself is outlined.

Technical Requirements

Please note that only Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported in the e-learning environment.  If you are running Google Chrome or Safari, some experiences may not work.

If you are running Microsoft Windows, you will find Internet Explorer under your Start Menu.

If you are running Mac or Linux, you can download Firefox at

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